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On May 11th I moved from New Zealand to London. Currently on a two year youth mobility visa. What prompted the move? I think it was curiosity. 

After finishing university I always said I would move overseas, but then the pandemic happened. So I did my own thing and grinded it out in my garage. Exploring ideas and building myself a name in NZ. In many ways it was the right thing to do. It better prepared me for this move.

I had a few years to work on myself as a creative and build somewhat of a foundation. But I always had an itch to move, to at least see what it would be like somewhere else. To open my eyes.


I'm extremely fortunate to have a part time job here in London with Martino Gamper and also a residency at HQI to continue to develop my work. But I do miss home. I've been here for two months and have a renewed appreciation for the love and freedom I had in NZ. How lucky I was to even have my garage to do my work. 

A part of me feels like I didn't make the right choice. 

Could I have used the money for this move to instead build a studio back home? What am I truly gaining from being here? 

These are questions I've been asking myself. But then I have to remind myself it's literally only been two months. And in those two months I've already learnt a lot at Martino's studio, set up a work space, went to Italy and have new ideas to explore. I'm just feeling a bit homesick and lonely right now. 

But it is going to be challenging and thats why it's worthwhile. 

At the start of the year it was always the dilemma of should I stay or should I go, but I told myself whatever decision I decide it's on me to make that decision the right one. So I'm going to do that. Two years isn't long and I have to make the most out of it. I'm going to learn and soak in as much as I can and establish myself here. Home will always be there. I'm still just 25. This is the time to take a risk.


Starting at the garage, never meant staying there. It was just to show what was possible.


With everything at your fingertips would you know what to do with your hands?


From my world to yours.


In 2018 I said making for the sake of making. But now my making is more purposeful and deliberate. There's more reasoning behind what I'm putting out. I'm not making for the sake of making. I'm making to fulfil a vision.


Authentic. Transparent. Vulnerable.


Don't get too high or too low. Just do the work in front of you. 


The tools are all available. 


Whenever I didn't feel motivated to do my work I used to look at work from others to inspire me again. But now I just look at my own work. Not in a narcissistic way, but in a way that motivates me.

I see how much work I've done and how much I've improved. That gets me hyped. It's a spark for me.

I want to see how much more I can do. What new ideas I have.


Impressionist art movement but in product. I'm showing my brush strokes.


Get out of your own way.


World building.


You'll only go as far as your community takes you. 


Done is better than perfect.


D.I.Y is the new luxury. Knowing what you want and having the knowledge and ability to make it, that's the highest form of luxury. 


Making for the sake of making. 


Discursive design. 


The objects we possess are a representation of who we are. It is often exploration of self through products and goods become an expression of our values. Without realisation, we may look past the intangible qualities of products, overlooking its reflection of ourselves.

It's important we understand the relationship between ourselves and our products.

Products are used to create our identities. We express ourselves through product. Whether that be personal, social, financial or spiritual. These are intangible qualities that products provide and usually on a hedonistic level. Thus, we must be aware of how products are expressing ourselves and if it's reinforcing core values that are truly genuine to us. 

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